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Hi Dear,

I am Niki, a certified postnatal therapist with more than 15 years of professional experience helping and educating mothers in their postnatal recovery process.

I specialize in traditional postnatal care incorporating treatment such as ganggang (vaginal steam) to reduce pain, cleanse womb of toxins, blood and discharge. I utilized only natural herbal ingredients such as jamu turmeric and tamarind (herbal drink), jamu tapel, jamu parem and jamu peles.

Why Choose Us?

I offer you my experience and my proven techniques to accelerate your postnatal recovery. The massage package is done in the comfort of your home, the bed massage and gaggang chair will be provided.

Treatment steps:

You can select your favourite aromatherapy from our top list oils:

Green Tea

These aromatherapy oils are especially designed to stimulate quality sleep. Their soothing fragrance helps induce a deep state of relaxation and prevent postnatal depression.

Step 1. Foot reflexology and leg massage

Reflexology applies pressure to specific reflex points that are connected to your body parts and organs—the force exerted to these points stimulate a healing response for your body. The full leg massage targets critical muscle points such as the calf, hamstring, gluteus (buttox). targeting these areas heal your sore muscles, promote blood circulation and reduce swelling on your leg area (Edema).

Before proceeding to the abdominal massage in the step 3. I will revisit the front area of the leg. The massage on this part ensures that your anterior leg muscles, outer and inner thigh muscles are relaxed. It improve postural alignment and further reduce the swelling.

Step 2. Lower and Upper back massage

Begin with a gentle massage on your lumber muscle; this part treats the postpartum back pain that was caused by loosened ligaments and joints due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Next, I will move on to the upper back, shoulder blade and the arms area. At times mother can experience tightness of breath, this is due to the accessory respiratory within the target massaged area. Having to massage this area alone lets you improve your breathing capacity and function. Having to massage the shoulder and arms area help release muscle tension, headache, migraine and blurriness of vision.

Step 3. Womb and abdominal massage

The abdominal massage helps mother address issues such as stomach bloating, improve digestive function, promote hormonal balance, and release strain muscles.

Subsequently, I will move on to the womb massage to reposition uterus and increase circulation to the uterus and cervix.

Step 4. Breast massage

Breastfeeding is indeed a pivotal part for new mothers—it is a platform to continue passing through key nutrients to their newborns. This massage will help mothers improve lactation, reduce pain during breastfeeding and release tension on the chest muscle.

Step 5. Ganggang (vaginal steam)

Having to be a new mother entails specific strain on the vagina area, in the Ganggang or vaginal team, you will sit on a ganggang chair containing a steaming water combine with relaxing herbs. It could easily comfort the said strained vaginal area.

It has a lot more benefits such as sterilize the uterus and vagina area, especially if there would be stitches, it reduces such pain within the area and accelerates the healing process, balance hormones, and prevent infections.

After the ganggang, you will need to shower, and then I will proceed on applying traditional jamu.

Step 6. Application of jamu peles

New mothers who have just delivered often experience headaches and vision blurriness in the first few weeks. Jamu peles helps sooth these issues quickly. The menthol sensation on the forehead refreshes your feeling. It also promotes blood circulation so that you feel energise.

Step 7. Application of jamu tapel on the stomach

New mothers often struggle with their loose bellies after childbirth, in order to slim down a bit and to get back on their tip-top shape, the Jamu Tapel is applied on the midsection of the belly, before putting on a binder. This is to tighten the post-delivery flab on the belly.

Step 8. Binding

After application of Jamu Tapel, we will bind the midsection area with two (2) layers. We first bind it using the gurita binder, to hold the jamu tapel together. This shall act as a gentle compression to hold the muscles and ligaments safely as your body slowly heals and gets back to its original state. The second layer will be the bengkung binder to help the mother regain their posture.

Step 9. Application of jamu parem on the leg

After placing the binder, we will apply jamu parem on the new mother’s leg, having to be made of rice flour, kencur, fennel, cinnamon and other aromatic herbs—this will helps every new mother on their leg swelling.

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