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Have a look and pick your desired treatments from our wide range of services such as hair and skin treatments, waxing, and body care.

Javanese Massage

Originated from Java, Indonesia, its an extraordinary massage that has been passed down from generations. With a combination of herbal oil and deep thumb pressure, it is very effective to energize your feeling and body, relieve muscle tension, and joint pain.

Herbal Body Wrap

Healthy and natural way to slim down by wrapping your body with red ginger and galanga (kencur), The warmth from the ginger helps to eliminate the excess fat. Not only cutting the extra pounds, but it will also soften your skin causing it to looks healthy and fresh.

Stone Massage

By applying flat heated stones on a certain area of your body, This is a powerful massage to stimulate deeper muscle relaxation, reduce stress from daily bustle, and promote quality sleep.

Sport Massage

Specially design for physically active ladies, sport massage is used to enhance blood flow and remove toxins out of the body.

Aromatherapy Massage

The fragrance generated by the massage oil will bring your mind into a deep pleasing relaxation state. It is perfect for you to refresh your mind and get back all the positivity needed. Pick your favorite scent from four available choices: Lavender, Lime, Peppermint, and Green tea.

Milk Body Mask

Body Scrub

Ear Candling

Combination Treatment

Came in as a package treatment, this is extremely essential in assisting new mother to accelerate recovery process after giving birth. It provides the relaxation needed to reduce the stress post giving birth, relieves sore spots, and improves breast milk production. (transportation cost excluded) 

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